The new, affordable, natural cosmetic brand for the Indian youth. A cosmetic brand, that caters to the new Indian market. One of the current trends in the bath and body care experience; it is a nutritional cosmetic for both skin and body care product. Samaya, striving to make its mark in this new product category comprising of an entire new and cost affective product range.  

We created a coherent brand architecture, design concept and packaging design. In order to bring the “modern natural product” concept to life, visual cues were taken from both the cosmetics and science category. The finishing and high proportion of the product communicate intensive care, while the background of the product gives a natural feeling that symbolize the multifunctional performance of the product.



My Role: Tasked with design developing its naming, branding and packaging for the range of products.

Type: Brand and Packaging Design
Industry: Beauty and Cosmetic
Scope of Work: Branding, Naming, Identity Design, Packaging Design