Cadbury RDFC

The Cadbury Rich Dry Fruit Collection is not just for the holiday season, but make amazing gifts for any occasion. The brief was to design a premium looking pack that can be gifted in all occasions. In India we believe that every good deed must be rewarded by something sweet or it’s auspicious to start a good deed with something sweet. What would be better way to begin the celebration that a box of chocolates that look stunning, keeping in mind that the chocolates play the role of the protagonist, and reassembled them to standout in a different way than the previous years giving the packaging a more premium look and feel.



My Role: Lead for packaging design and proofing of products in various cities to match 100% results in production with credits to Yashoda and Hetal.

Type: Packaging Design
Industry: Food and Beverages
Scope of Work: Packaging Design